Concept of our brand


An unwavering commitment to a bowl of ramen.

This circle-like shape is an image of a ramen bowl viewed directly from above.

After carefully choosing food materials, we put a lot of time and effort into making soup and noodles to offer our product in its best condition.
This shape embodies our staff's passion and commitment to a bowl of ramen.

The shape may also be associated with such words as "ring", "circle" and "round."
So we think it is the shape that best describes the feature and beauty of Japan, which are soft and strong.

With these messages expressed from this main image, we will be offering the best bowl of ramen through our 3 brands, "Bariuma", "Torinosuke" and "Fuunmaru."


This single word, "Umai!" energizes us

When you eat something delicious, you simply say, "Umai!" ("Wow, this is so good.")
To hear this word, we put our expert technique and experience to a bowl of ramen.

A joy of offering ramen which we've put our soul into.
A delight and an astonishment that a bowl of ramen offers to our customers.
All of these things energize and motivate us to make another bowl of ramen tomorrow.
A single word "Umai!" from our customers energizes us because it is our origin.


We would like to introduce Japanese culture and ramen to the world.

A professional expertise, an outstanding taste, an evolving tradition...
Ramen, a Japanese culture, is a concentration of our delicate expertise.

It is widely known that ramen is very popular around the world.
We will keep on trying in hopes that ramen, a great Japanese culture, will be more popular all across the globe, and that the word "Umai!" will echo around the world.