Company profile

We think "a great company" has a sophisticated and unique business model based on a management philosophy with high social value. It grows continuously and has its own corporate culture. This is an ideal company image we are aiming to achieve.

Company name Withlink Co.,Ltd.
CEO Daisuke Akizuki
Location 【 Head office 】
1-5-30-2,Tomominami Asaminami-ku Hiroshima city Hiroshima 731-3168
The main phone number:Tel +81-82-849-6667 / Fax +81-82-849-6668
Franchise development department:Tel +81-82-849-6004 / Fax +81-82-849-6005
Franchise support department:Tel +81-82-849-6004 / Fax +81-82-849-6005
【 Access 】
・ Approximately 3.4 km from Hiroshima Seifu Shinto Interchange on Hiroshima expressway.
・ Approximately 9 km from Hiroshima city center via Hiroshima Expressway Route 4.
・ Approximately 3km from Ozuka Station on Astram Line.
[ By public transport ]
Take a Hiroshima Dentetsu bus bound for "Cocoro Sangyo Danchi" or "Cocoro Nishikoen" at Hiroshima bus center terminal. Get off at "Cocoro Iriguchi" and our office is about 2 minutes walk from the bus stop.
Date of establishment May 1st, 1992
Capital 25,000,000 JPY (Sum of group totals is 95,000,000 JPY)
Sales amount 3,785,000,000JPY (Group)
Number of employees *220 (including non-regular employees) *as of May 1st, 2017
Major banks - The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. Head Office
- The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd. Itsukaichi Branch
- The Chugoku Bank, Ltd. Hiroshima Branch
Our business - Restaurant business
- Domestic franchising of Bariuma brand
- Domestic franchising of Torinosuke brand
- Domestic franchising of Fuunmaru brand
- International franchising of Bariuma brand
- International franchising of Fuunmaru brand
Group Company Withlink Holdings Co.,Ltd.
WithLink Singapore Pte.Ltd.
Bariuma Ramindou Indonesia Pte.Ltd.
Shareholder composition Voting stock
Toshiharu Eguchi 70%
Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd. 30%