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The compliment "Umai!(It's delicious!)has been what mattered most to us up until now and it will continue to be so from now on.

In the food service industry, I don't think there is more powerful word than this one,"Umai!". It will not be an overstatement if we say that we run our business to hear this single word from our customers.
We will continue to commit ourselves to creating products that will satisfy our customers and make them say "Umai!"


Ramen brand

Now expanding the
"Umai!" culture
nationwide and worldwide.

We try to make the concept "Umai" tangible.
We are expanding our Ramen business nationwide and worldwide.

Domestic business

International business


Our business

We are a "food consulting company" supporting the development of our franchisees' businesses based on know-how we've created since we started our company.

With our domestic ramen business and franchise business, we are expanding our operations both nationwide and worldwide.
Based on know-how we've been cultivating from the founding period, we will continue to expand globally as a "food consulting company".

Voice of our overseas business partners

Our international business department is developing "Fuunmaru","Bariuma" and "Bariuma Jr." We had an interview with one of our activebusiness partners and asked why they receive the compliment "Umai!"(It's delicious!) from their customers.

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I hope to expand my business and establish a role model mainly in this rapidly changing Shanghai.

Interview 1

We have opened Bariuma Junior in the Philippines which has been in a rapid economic growth.

Interview 2

"Bariuma"'s successful opening in Hong Kong has been followed by the opening of "Fuunmaru." We plan to open new stores in Shenzhen China, Macau,and Taiwan.

Interview 3

"Courage and decision making" This is what you need to start up your own business. To keep your mind stable is a key to a successful long running business.

Interview 4

Multiple store development

61 domestic stores, 29 overseas stores

Now expanding in Singapore, Malaysia,

Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau,

China,the Philippines, Australia and Taiwan