International franchise business


Introducing our food culture and the spirit of "Omotenashi"(Japanese hospitality) to the world

It's been 5 years since we opened our first directly managed store in Singapore in 2013. We currently operate 23 overseas stores including directly managed stores and franchise stores.
With a new logistics management system, we have opened stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Mainland China and Taiwan. Most recently, we opened a store for the first time in Australia.


Potentiality of Japanese food business

In Japanese food industry, a globally operating company has a lot of potentiality. We develop our franchise business in cooperation with our international business partners who share our philosophy. We believe the business will grow further.


We stick to the basics

We think our management philosophy will be widely accepted internationally. With our domestic business development as a core, we would like to propel our international business as a new strategy. In changing trends and environments, however, we will stick to the following basics.
We pursue our management philosophy to prosper as a company and contribute to the community through the idea of "Unification of morality and economic goals". We seek to gain the trust of society through genuine management, and we aim to be a company with continuous value to satisfy our employees, customers and business partners.